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  • GlowOn Laser Skin Rejuvenation Device
  • GlowOn Laser Skin Rejuvenation Device

GlowOn Laser Skin Rejuvenation Device

$680.00 Regular Price
$280.00Sale Price


If you're worried about your complexion now that going for your facial treatment could be a hassle, fret not because you can get your glow on with the GlowOn Laser in the comfort of your own home!




The GLOWOn® Skin Rejuvenation Device is a non-invasive cosmetic skin treatment that uses unique High-Powered Pulses of Broadband Light (BBL) to improve the appearance of skin.

The light waves used are filtered to exclude any harmful wavelengths (such as ultraviolet waves) and kept within the appropriate range to rejuvenate the targeted cells and reduce melanin.

Treat maskne while giving your skin a radiant glow with the GlowOn Laser Skin Rejuvenation Device. Unlimited shots so you can zap anytime, anywhere at home!


"I'm totally amazed by how my skin glows with radiance right after one treatment with GlowOn! Loving it..." - A Satisfied GlowOn Customer


Benefits of GlowOn:

  • Skin Rejuvenation
  • Instantly brighter and radiant skin
  • Reduces the appearance of pigmentation
  • Reduces the appearance of enlarged pores
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Tightens and lifts the skin
  • Eliminates pimples (maskne)

Made in Korea. 

  • Q: Is there any warranty period?
    A: Warranty period is 3 months from the date of purchase. However, the warranty will not cover if the device is damaged due to accidental damage such as physical damage, changes to appearance or damage from water spills. Any damage arising from daily usage i.e. wear and tear is not covered under the warranty.

    Q: What is the recommended usage?
    A: We recommend GlowOn to be used daily after your facial cleansing as part of your daily skin care routine. 100 to 150 shots are recommended for a full face treatment with 2 passes based on an intensity level of 3. The intensity level depends on your skin tone shown on the skin tone table. We recommend you to start from low intensity of 1 and work your way up as you discover your skin tolerance to the treatment.

    Q: Can the device be used for other body areas?
    A: Besides the regular usage on the face, we also recommend GlowOn to be used for the Neck, Upper Chest and Hands too for skin lightening and rejuvenation.

    Q: How long can I use the device for in a day?
    A: We recommend not to exceed 200 shots at any one time. If you wish to treat multiple areas, we recommend a 15min break between sessions or for e.g. 150 shots in the afternoon for Neck and Chest, then 150 shots at night for the face.

    Q: Is there any safety feature for the device?
    A: The device will automatically shutdown in the event of potential overheating. To avoid overheating, we recommend a 15mins rest for the device in between different treatment areas.

    Q: Is the device portable or do I have to leave it plugged in for usage?
    A: The device must be plugged in during usage.

    Q: What can GlowOn be used for?
    A: GlowOn is a home use laser skin rejuvenation device for reducing pigmentation, age spots, pore size, pimples and wrinkles as well as brightening and restoring glowy looking skin

    Q: How many intensity levels are there?
    A: There are 5 levels with level 1 being the most gentle and level 5 being the most aggressive. Level 1 is recommended for individuals with darker skin tones while level 5 is for individuals with ivory white skin tone. The skin tone table can be found in the manual within the device box.

    Q: Is there anyone whom is not suitable to use GlowOn?
    A: Individuals with very dark skin tone is not an suitable candidate for using GlowOn skin rejuvenation device. Do not use the device on areas with open wounds and blisters, irritated skin with rashes, tattoos or birthmarks (may cause uneven skin tone due to lightening of the tattoos). Do not use if you are suffering from epilepsy, having photosensitivity issue, have any active implants such as pacemaker, taken retinoids or Accutane in the last 2 weeks, history of herpes or cold sores, undergone professional laser treatments at a clinic or aesthetics centre in the last 2 weeks. Do not use GlowOn if you are pregnant or breastfeeding as hormonal changes may increase the risk of skin sensitivity.

    Q: Should I take any precautions after using GlowOn?
    A: When heading outdoors, it is recommended to put on Sunscreen of at least SPF35 after using GlowOn for skin rejuvenation treatment the day before.

    Q: Is there any shots limitation for the device OR What is the lifespan for the device?
    A: The device has a threshold of 500,000 shots, which in theory is unlimited. Assuming if you use 200 shots a day, it could last you more than 6.5 years!

    Q: Where is the device manufactured?
    A: The device is made in Korea.

    Q: How do I register for the warranty?
    A: Upon receiving your product, check the warranty card in the box with a QR code and serial number at the back. Simply scan the QR code and follow the instructions to register your GlowOn Device.

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