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  • LED Beauty Light Shield

LED Beauty Light Shield

$98.00 Regular Price
$78.00Sale Price

Enhance your skincare regime with our LED Beauty Light Shield. Wear the Light Shield over your Surgical Face Mask or Reusable Mask as added protection to protect yourselves from COVID respiratory droplets while beautifying your skin at the same time!


WIRELESS and recharged via USB cable. Lasts for up to 1.5 hours of usage on a full charge.




Boost results from your daily facial sheet mask by pairing it with this LED Beauty Light Shield that will help to give your mask an instant power-up boost!


LED Light Therapy uses light in controlled spectrums to penetrate different depths of the skin. The light is absorbed by receptors in the skin and each colour stimulates a different response depending on your needs.


Built-in with 3 LED Light Spectrums - Switch between lights by a press of a button!
RED (620-750nm)– Skin Rejuvenation, Anti-Ageing & Collagen Stimulation

BLUE (476-495nm) – Anti-Bacterial & Controls Acne

ORANGE (590-620nm) – Skin Brightening, Promotes Skin Healing and Spot Lightening


Tip: Wear this as a "face shield" on top of your surgical mask / reusable mask when you are out looking for essentials to give yourself that added protection against COVID-19 droplets.


  • Where is the device manufactured?
    - Made in Korea


    How do I change the light colours? Can it change automatically?
    - To change the light colours, simply press the power button. The lights do not change colour automatically.


    I see that there are 3 LED colours. Do I have to buy separate LED masks to get 3 of the different LED light colours?
    - The LED Beauty Light Shield has 3 LED lights in 1 device. So you just need to buy one of it. Simply press the power button to switch between the LED colour lights :)


    How do I turn OFF the device?
    - Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds

    How do I turn ON the device?
    - Press and let go of the power button right away

    Is it suitable for sensitive skin?
    - The device has hair-like thin LED diode strips running across the light shield which emits low powered LED light , thus, gentle on the skin


    Will this damage the eyes?
    - The middle portion of the light shield is without the led light strips, this is to prevent any impact on our vision when doing other activities eg. reading, walking etc. 


    Since there are no LED light strips along the eye area, will this mean that undereyes area will not experience any results?
    - The nature of LED light has a wider spread coverage so there will be some exposure on the undereyes area by the LED light strips closest to that area. Just light shining a torchlight onto a wall, you will get a light spread across an area. So YES! There will be skin improvements on the undereye area.


    Is it safe?
    - The LED Beauty Light Shield has European CE safety certification for functioning as an electrical device so rest assured that the beauty device is safe for use. The device has hair-like thin LED diode strips running across the light shield which emits low powered LED light , thus, gentle on the skin.


    What if I forget to turn the device off?
    - In case you forgot the time, the device will auto power down after every 15 mins so do not worry about overexposure to the LED Light.


    How long is the battery life?
    - Up to 1.5 hours upon full charge. It is recharged via a Micro USB cable. There will be a red colour light at the power button when its charging. When its fully charged, the light will turn to blue colour. Charging time is around 20 minutes. As its a  rechargeable battery, do note that battery life may vary between devices due to self discharge and other environmental factors.


    Can I wear the LED Beauty Light Shield and walk around?
    - YES DEFINITELY! The LED Beauty Light Shield has a battery life of 2 hours (upon full charge) and is WIRELESS. You can wear it out to shop groceries, walk around your house to do chores or cooking, wear it to watch Netflix / TV and even browse your phone. We hope this beauty gadget can be your everyday lifestyle essential :)

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